Custom Metal Bellows

BellowsTech is fully capable of creating custom metal bellows. Our Technical Support staff is available to work from conceptualization, through design and delivery. With the ability to customize size, shape, material, weight, length, and mounting connections, the possibilities are endless.

Why Choose Edge Welded Bellows?

Of the three major metal bellows technologies (electrodeposited, edge welded, and hydroformed), edge welded metal bellows have the highest stroke length, reaching 90% of its free length. This flexibility allows for increased expansion and contraction of the bellows.

Edge welded metal bellows can be exposed to extreme temperatures and media with a wide selection of materials. Both the inside and outside of the bellows can be exposed liquids and gases as well. While pressures above 1,000 PSI (about 70 bar) differential between the inside and outside are typically not offered, BellowsTech can employ certain custom bellows techniques and bellows designs to meet higher pressure requirements. Edge welded metal bellows also have a high cycle life to produce repeatable results and round or rectangular shapes.

Custom metal bellows examples
Custom bellows design and manufacturing tool
Custom metal bellows manufacturing equipment


Bellows Assembly and Repair

BellowsTech offers a valuable, cost-effective alternative for consumable bellows assembly needs. With its unique abilities and industry experience, BellowsTech can cost-effectively repair expensive metal bellows assemblies.

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Bellows Welding and Micro-Welding

BellowsTech also offers specialty welding and micro-welding capabilities. This is a natural outgrowth for BellowsTech based on its round and non-round bellows micro-welding experience. Its application of semi-automated, three-dimensional, computer controlled weld paths allows BellowsTech to make complex welds with a superior cosmetic appearance and structural integrity, along with excellent repeatability and accuracy for standard and custom bellows. This makes possible the manufacture and machining of complex components that would otherwise be impossible or prohibitively expensive.

These options can significantly reduce the cost of producing these complex machined components:

  • Round and Non-round path TIG welding of machined components
  • Three-dimensional size capabilities 24″ by 12″ by 5″ weld envelope
  • Post weld proof pressure testing
  • Helium Mass Spectrometer leak testing
  • Work with the best engineers in the industry
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • Superior Performance
  • Excellent Response Time
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Value Added Services
Technical Support