Bellows are used to isolate vibration from one end of the bellows to the other while sealing hermetically. With custom mounting and sizing available, edge welded bellows create an all-metal conduit to minimize or eliminate the effects of vibration from one point in a system to another. Edge welded bellows technology allows for high pressure and temperature applications.

Specifications – Vibration Dampener – PDF

Common Materials 347, AM 350 and 316L SS
Thickness 0.002″ and up every 0.001″
Standard Leak Rate <1×10-9 std CC He/sec
Size Ranges
Outside Diameter 0.358″ (9.0932mm) to 22.205″ (564mm)*
Inside Diameter 0.198″ (5.029mm) to 19.921″ (505.99mm)*
Shapes Round standard. Non-Round Available; Contact Factory.
Length Up to 96 inches (244 cm)

*For other dimensional requirements, contact the factory

Stainless Steel Bellows Assembly

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