Overview: Bellows Actuators

Bellows are used in actuator assemblies to transfer pressure or temperature into a linear motion. Edge welded bellows allow a long stroke, excellent media compatibility, and high temperature and pressure capabilities. Edge welded bellows also provide extreme flexibility in the design to fit size, weight, and movement requirements and allow the movement to be driven by internal or external forces.

Bellows actuators can be used in valve applications, where pressure is internal or external to the bellows. Custom flanges, end pieces and hardware can be integrated into the assembly. With the extreme flexibility of edge welded bellows technology, axial movement and lateral offset are possible solutions. With sizes less than half an inch in diameter, bellows actuators can reduce the size of traditional actuators in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Often known as pneumatic bellows and hydraulic bellows, edge welded bellows in these applications can save space and improve performance.

Example of an actuator bellows

Specifications (Bellows Actuators – PDF)

Common Materials AM350, 304L, 347, 316L SS, Titanium, Hastelloy, and Inconel
Thickness 0.002″ and up every 0.001″
Standard Leak Rate <1×10-9 std CC He/sec
Size Ranges
Outside Diameter 0.358″ (9.0932mm) to 22.205″ (564mm)*
Inside Diameter 0.198″ (5.029mm) to 19.921″ (505.99mm)*
Shapes Round standard. Non-Round Available; Contact Factory.
Length Up to 96 inches (244 cm)

*For other dimensional requirements, contact the factory

Pressure and motion in pneumatic bellows and hydraulic bellows.

Stainless Steel Bellows Assembly

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