In semiconductor and ultra high vacuum (UHV) manufacturing, edge welded bellows are used as flexible penetrations into process chambers. The metal semiconductor bellows become part of the pressure wall of the chamber, holding ultra-high vacuum or moderate positive pressures while also providing motion inside the chamber. This allows manipulation of stages, probes, sample holders, wafer lifters, valves, actuators and other mechanical motion needs inside the pressure vessel. Edge welded bellows can be integrated into linear and rotary translators as the seal.

Semiconductor bellows and high vacuum bellows examples
Photo of semiconductor bellows used in high vacuum situations

BellowsTech edge welded bellows:

  • are able to withstand high vacuum applications with low leak rates to ensure a hermetic seal.
  • can be customized (lifter bellows) to the size and shape required of new design or retrofit applications.
  • can hold tight tolerances with exceptional reliability to keep equipment up and running.
  • XYZ manipulators can be manufactured to customer specifications.
  • can be configured with a variety of end pieces including end plates for welding, (CF flanges, KF flanges, ISO flanges) as well as custom designs.
Images of high vacuum bellows (UHV bellows) in a semiconductor application


Photovoltaic (PV) and OEM Solar

Both the Photovoltaic and OEM Solar industries share common requirements to the semiconductor industry in terms of media, processes, and functionality. Use BellowsTech edge welded bellows when thermal or pressure compensation is required for the expansion of liquids.

Electrodeposited Bellows

BellowsTech shares resources and know-how with Servometer, a manufacturer of electrodeposited bellows. For information on electrodeposited bellows in ultra high vacuum environments, visit We are proud members of both the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers and the American Vacuum Society.

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