Medical Bellows Overview

The medical industry from physicians to contract manufacturers to large pharmaceutical corporations rely on quality suppliers who strive to help them produce end products or components that bring advancements in the quality of life. At BellowsTech, advancing medical care through the science of metal components begins with their unique edge welded bellows manufacturing process. Edge welded metal bellows open new opportunities for medical test equipment, metal bellows pumps, reservoirs, connectivity and invasive systems. Our standard diaphragms are available in less than half an inch in diameter. Edge welded technology allows for the medical grade bellows assembly to completely compress onto itself, thus creating smaller sizes and greater efficiency.

Modern Medical Bellows Applications:

  • Titanium bellows are commonly used as invasive pumps to dispense medicine.
  • An edge welded bellows can be manufactured as a heat exchanger for blood pumping equipment to reduce the temperature of blood during surgery.
  • Metal bellows can be used in medical packaging equipment as a shaft cover in a vacuum chamber.
  • BellowsTech can also assist with non-magnetic bellows for imaging equipment.
Metal components from a medical bellows manufacturer
Medical grade bellows fluid joint

Miniaturized, implantable, portable and connected medical devices are growing in demand. The increase in innovation is placing more demands on components that can reliably respond to motion, pressure and temperature and that will not degrade inside the body, thus, metal bellows are the ideal solution that can help improve your medical device.

Advantages of edge welded medical bellows compared to rubber, plastic:

  • Require less space than rubber
  • Stainless steel bellows handle pressure better
  • Lead and copper free
  • Weigh less than rubber

White Paper: How Metal Bellows Push Performance Boundaries for Medical Devices

This paper sites four scientific applications where edge welded metal bellows can be used to help improve positive outcomes for physicians and their patients from pain management to joint replacement from the battlefield to the surgical suite.  Free Download!

Miniature bellows for medical applications are also available through our sister company, Servometer. Using an electrodeposition process, Servometer bellows are light weight and flexible enough to work in a variety of applications. Servometer electroforms can also be customized for applications such as medical instruments. Servometer can be visited at:

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White Paper-Medical Bellows



When a pioneering medical technology company located in California came up with the concept for a home based dialysis machine they came to us for help designing the bellows to go inside it. This life-saving machine had to be completely portable allowing patients undergoing dialysis to have improved quality of life by freeing them to travel almost anywhere without being tied to hospitals and medical facilities. It also had to be reliable. Working collaboratively, our engineers and their design team developed four bellows constructed of 316L Stainless Steel with an outside diameter of 1.650”, and an inside diameter of 1.240” to provide the dialysis pump pressure surge absorption. In addition, the bellows were designed for high cycle life (5,000 – 10,000 cycles ) to meet the critical reliability criteria. To View a Video of this application click here.

Miniature medical bellows
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