Aerospace Bellows Overview

Whether flight critical, land-based or offshore, BellowsTech manufactures custom edge welded bellows for aerospace, military and naval applications. With a variety of materials, sizes and customization, BellowsTech can provide a solution that fits the size, weight, pressure, temperature, and corrosion resistance properties to fulfill the application needs.

Aircraft bellows can fulfill a variety of purposes. Bellows actuators convert pressure and/or temperature into motion. Volume compensators can balance pressure and or temperature differentials to ensure continuous, accurate operation of a system. Bellows are also manufactured for altimeters to sense barometric pressure for critical applications. Bellows can also assist in the movement of air through the ducting system. Edge welded bellows are a popular design choice for fuel regulation and management in aircraft devices.

Inconel and Hastelloy materials are corrosion resistant to salt and seawater spray and submergence. Stainless steel and titanium are also available materials, with material certified to meet Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 52.225-7014 Alt. 1. (DFARS) compliance.

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Aerospace Bellows from MW Industries and Servometer

BellowsTech and our sister brand, Servometer, are Mw Industries companies that provide high quality bellows for aerospace, medical, energy, and semiconductor applications, among others. Servometer is a manufacturer of a variety electroformed metal bellows, bellows couplings, and electroforms for the aerospace and defense industries. For an overview of Servometer Aerospace applications and free white papers, visit: To learn more about MW Industries, visit:

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