Designing with Edge Welded Bellows

Edge Welded metal bellows provide the most flex in the smallest amount of space. Utilized in hundreds of mechanical components and OEM products worldwide from Aerospace to Semiconductor our metals bellows are trusted by engineers across the globe for their [...]

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New Die List

Download the complete list or view the three page pdf here. BellowsTech has just updated their standard diaphragm list with seven new popular sizes. The newest sizes include  0.375 inches, 0.477 inches, 0.992inches, 1.218 inches, 1.530 inches, 2.490 inches and 4.250 inches outside diameters.

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Six New Metal Bellows Diaphragm Sizes

In response to popular request BellowsTech is expanding their standard metal bellows die list to include six new diaphragm sizes. The new sizes include 1.280 inches, 1.470 inches, 1.687 inches, 3.500 inches and 3.750 inches outside diameters which expands their [...]

Metal Bellows Material Selection Guideline

Let’s face it - some materials are much more expensive than others and may be the reason why your project is coming in either over or under budget. BellowsTech edge welded metal bellows are available in a wide variety of [...]

Comparing Electrodeposited Bellows to Edge Welded Bellows

Not all metal bellows are created equal.  Some have higher life cycles than others. Some are better suited for lower temperatures while others are more sensitive to pressure. Is an electrodeposited bellows the best choice for your job or application or should [...]

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